Eco-friendly, smart, retro? Let’s look at the trends in the packaging world.

Eco-friendly, smart, retro? Let’s look at the trends in the packaging world.

For several years packaging stopped being only protection in product transport and has become the core of building a brand image. In 2020, with the boom of e-commerce, we were forced to return to the original function, but in an innovative and "smart" way. Modern packaging is of high quality and more durable, smart and finally – eco-friendly!


Eco is good, eco is trendy

Today, all the biggest companies focus mainly on solutions supporting sustainability, biodegradability, or recycled packaging materials. Until now, these types of materials were used mostly together with ecological / bio-friendly products, being their natural complement, now they dominate the market for any consumer product. The most commonly used in this trend are glass, corrugated and solid cardboard. However, there are also packaging made with ecological plastic or at least with recycled plastic raw materials.

Supporting the eco-friendly approach is Truvant Europe, which successively promotes the pursuit of sustainability among its customers. Starting the new project – TruGreen, we recommend packaging structures based entirely on solid, corrugated cardboard and low-grammage papers, or where it is not possible, change to plastic made with recycled material. We promote an ecological approach from secondary packaging to consumer packs, paper labels, paper wraps and bands, and even paper flowpacks. It turns out that such solutions effectively replace packaging based on plastic, and are just as durable and look great on store shelves. TruGeen works on our processes to make them more ‘green’ and spread the idea of sustainability among all our workers.

Another kind of eco-trend is packaging that enables its reuse. The idea to design this type of packaging resulted from the needs of consumers who are eager to reuse aesthetic packaging. It’s called upcycling and it supports the idea of the experience of using.

Smart packaging

The latest trend is “smart” packaging, which relates to many aspects of the product. Smart packaging connects us with the product via the Internet or social media. QR codes are often placed on packs, enabling consumers to access more data about the product inside or provide consumers with personalized entertainment, games, and prizes.

Smart packaging is also a pack that opens in a simple, aesthetic way, often allowing the product to be stored in it. Truvant Europe proposes such solutions in most of its projects.

‘Smart’ in a variety of aspects. Our company, together with our client, introduced smart solutions in the form of varnishes, so-called “Scratch & sniff” which, when rubbed, emit a smell identical to the product inside. It is not a purely marketing maneuver, it is informative in relation to the consumer who purchases the product.

Less is more

Despite the enormous technological possibilities in printing methods and decorations, recent years have shown that less is more…more sales. Packaging in the minimalist trend is simple, very neat, and often consistent with the trends in the interior design industry, which supports its reuse. Minimalism also goes hand in hand with the ecological trend. The fewer additional elements in the package, the more environmentally friendly the package.

Retro packaging

Whether in graphics or in packaging design, retro is now on top. Packaging designers jokingly say that the Old is now the new New. Going back to designs or characters from pop culture from a few decades ago arouses nostalgia and good memories, which are associated with the positive reception of the brand. Even using antique fonts or vintage colors, according to consumers, raises the product to the premium rank.

Evolution of e-commerce

The beginning of e-commerce, led by Amazon, eBay, and Allegro, definitely focused on durable packaging. Today, e-com is the fastest growing branch of trade, and you can buy anything you want on the Internet. Truvant Europe is active in the e-commerce packaging market, our portfolio includes packaging designs mainly for Amazon. Our e-commerce packaging solutions are not only durable and “smart”, but also a carrier of brand communication and a great marketing tool. Truvant e-commerce solutions are aesthetic and, above all, eco-friendly! Why do we design them to be smart? The trend shows that among consumers buying online, the greatest emotions are not aroused by the initial purchase, but occur during the so-called unboxing, i.e. unpacking.

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