The TruGreen Way

TruGreen represents Truvant’s commitment to sustainability. We are passionate about protecting the environment so we can continue to be a positive force for people and the planet today and in the future.

"We all understand now that sustainability as a subject is as important as human capital or revenue. We cannot build our strategies or take decisions without strong consideration of their impact on the environment and our lives.”

Magdalena Dłuska, VP for HR and ESG, Board Member

Three Areas of Focus

Our Sustainable Development Program is based on three pillars: responsibility towards the planet, a focus on people, and driving sustainability through packaging.


Greenhouse Emissions - Circular Economy - Green Culture


Employees - Community - Ethics


Supply Chain - Operational Processes - Business Growth

A Responsible Employer

We care about our people, the local community, the environment and our planet.

A Strong Partner

We are a strong partner for customers who care about the welfare of the planet and the environment. Through joint action, we focus on sustainable development and delivering positive outcomes.

A Change Initiator

We promote the idea of sustainable thinking across employees, suppliers, and customers.

Our Ambitions

We take the sustainable development of our organization seriously. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive document outlining our ambitions and the goals we are striving to achieve.


We have one planet and we need to take care of it. That is why we are attempting to reduce our impact. And as a packaging expert, we support our customers on their journey to ecological transformation.


People are at the heart of everything we do. We make the utmost effort to respond to our customers' needs while ensuring harmonious cooperation with suppliers, the well-being of our employees and local communities.


Packaging is the service we know best. We continually improve our operational and management processes, placing great importance on ethical standards, quality and efficiency.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability requires transparency. We invite you to read our first Sustainability Review for 2021.

Truvant Europe Sustainability Review 2022

We are committed to taking our business responsibility and proactivity to a new level, to be more ambitious, more structured and more responsive to global industry challenges and we are therefore pleased to share with you our first sustainability report prepared for Truvant Europe.

Sustainability Review 2022