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Powerful results for sales, marketing and customer service

Truvant provides CRM and Customer Experience (CX) consulting and software implementation services. We help organizations connect customer data, business process and technology so you can anticipate customer needs, reduce the cost of sales and increase revenue. Our holistic approach blends data science, refined business strategy and information systems so you can track results, stay agile and continuously improve.

Whether you need to optimize distribution for financial services, elevate your patient engagement, or unify commerce across your digital and in-store channels, our CRM and customer experience solutions will help.

Discover the truth in your data and the competitive advantage with Truvant. Contact us to learn more.

Data Science

Turn faceless, raw information into powerful insights. Understand your customer behavior. Lower costs of customer acquisition, decrease attrition and grow revenues through cross selling.

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Management Consulting

Align sales, marketing and customer service. Using continual process improvement methodologies, our clients enhance customer satisfaction, business operations and revenue growth.

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Information Technology

Cloud-based solutions utilizing CRM, marketing automation, computer telephony, social, mobile and custom application development. Powerful tools, undeniable results.

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