Packaging is our business. We continually improve our operational processes, placing great importance on ethical standards and meeting our ESG objectives.


With thousands of employees, hundreds of suppliers and services provided for major global brands, we cannot afford to operate without clearly defined ethical principles and compliance tools. Our Code of Ethics clearly defines the standards and values we want all of our employees and suppliers to abide by.

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Continuous Improvement

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we have developed and implemented the Truvant Excellence System (TES) throughout the company. It helps us to ensure that machines and equipment are in good condition, eliminates breakdowns and plans scheduled maintenance, reduces losses, achieves zero quality defects and creates a consistent process for improving employee skills and job satisfaction.

worker in packaging facility


Truvant is continually investing in modernization and automation. Innovation allows us to improve operational processes and offer our customers services of the highest quality.

packaging on the converting line

Packaging Development

As part of our commitment to meeting ESG objectives, we implement pack design changes and packaging development for many products. These changes include using more sustainable materials and reducing the overall amount of packaging used, while still maintaining the high quality and protection of the product. Our goal is to continue to innovate in this area and lead the industry in sustainable packaging solutions.