Protecting what is most precious

Ways we impact the environment

Raw Materials and Waste

We feel responsible for optimizing processes so that product packaging uses as little raw material and generates as little waste as possible.


We aim for continuous improvement in the area of energy efficiency, which reduces both CO2 emissions and costs. We continuously explore green energy generation and procurement opportunities.

CO2 emissions

We have comprehensively measured our emissions resulting from Scope 1 & Scope 2 in Europe. We plan to take steps to calculate Scope 3 emissions.


We are aware of water scarcity globally. Therefore, we are exploring ways to reduce water consumption in our facilities.

Ways we drive change with our customers

Transport Optimization

We create solutions that enable the optimization and reduction of transportation to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. We are continuously working on packaging materials and supply chain reduction possibilities with our customers.

engineering team
Reduced Plastic Consumption

We are an expert in sustainable packaging solutions. For one of our customers we replaced plastic packaging reducing consumption from 79.5t to 0.72t. In 2022, we will introduce packing lines that will almost completely eliminate plastic packaging in one of our facilities.

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Switching to Recycled Material

Leading the way towards sustainable packaging, Truvant is helping consumer brands shift away from virgin raw materials. During 2020-2021, for one of our customers, we changed more than 95% of the virgin plastic used to recycled plastic.