Truvant operates stand-alone packaging operations that are dedicated to a single customer, typically in cost-advantaged or geographically strategic locations.

Production lines
Constant Demand. Consistent Capacity.

For many brands, volumes dictate the need for constant capacity, or brands may have special security requirements. For these brands, Truvant provides dedicated pack-center solutions that are 100% dedicated to a single brand or company.

Truvant worker in facility
Privacy & Confidentiality

Does your company value privacy for new products? Specialized packaging processes? Traceability? These are among the top reasons companies continue to tightly control their end-of-the-line packaging. A dedicated solution from Truvant allows a brand to outsource to a partner with competency to manage complexity at scale. Get all the benefits of working with a strong global partner like Truvant while maintaining tight control over the execution of your projects in a dedicated facility.


Experience a Truvant Facility

Our state-of-the-art facilities give customers a true advantage for their contract manufacturing and packaging needs. We are relentlessly focused on delivering quality, service, value, and operational excellence. Come see one of our facilities today!