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Unified Commerce for Retail

Truvant / Unified Commerce for Retail

Unified Commerce: the next generation of retail

Today’s retail customer is mobile, social, technically savvy and very willing to use digital commerce.  Does that mean brick and mortar is on the way out?  No.  The retail shopper still likes the immediacy of an in-store experience, especially when presented in new and exciting ways.

Welcome to the future.  The experiential shopping destination with neural networks and machine learning devices is on the horizon.  While the vision is exciting, the hurdles to implementation quickly bring retail planners back to reality.  The challenge is clear: connecting both the in-store and digital retail experience into one cohesive infrastructure that captures and analyzes data from all customer touch points will be the key to realizing unified commerce.

Moving beyond omni-channel

The “omnichannel” strategy connects the transaction across digital, mobile, in-store and social channels. “Unified commerce” goes beyond omnichannel by enabling a single, holistic platform, combining in-store, mobile, e-Commerce PLUS every other function throughout the enterprise.  Ignoring briefly the value of a supercharged CX, the customer data collection alone is justification for the considerable investment required to realize unified commerce.

Retailers are hungry for unified commerce – and the technology that can support it. Unfortunately, there are big gaps today in the relationship between sales, inventory, and supply chain technology that can manage the data across core functions.  Thankfully, these gaps wont last for long.

Truvant is committed to helping retailers navigate a rapidly changing landscape to deliver on the powerful vision of unified commerce.

Digital commerce

Whether desktop or mobile, e-commerce is expected to double in the next 4 years.  Digital commerce is predicted to be 15% of total retail sales by 2020 (eMarketer, 8/16). Truvant’s digital commerce solutions enable personalized, innovative, and AI-powered retail experiences across web, mobile, social, and more.

Marketing & Merchandising
Easily manage and share product content, launch campaigns, refresh seasonal promotions, and run A/B tests — all without technical support. Maximize conversions and increase order value by connecting consumers with the right offer at the right time. Leverage AI-powered commerce capabilities to deliver personalized emails, offers, and product recommendations throughout customer journeys.

Mobile POS
Engage your customers in a more immediate and meaningful way with mobile-first payment options. Serve them better — no matter where they are in the store — by accessing detailed inventories, suspend-and-resume transactions, and other mobile solutions.

In-store commerce

Process sales, returns, and exchanges in real time. Customize the solution to meet your ever-changing business requirements, and enjoy regular, seamless technology updates. And during unexpected outages, business carries on as usual, thanks to the Truvant POS fail-over system.

Deliver AI-driven in-store experiences without the guesswork of manual recommendation selection. Empower all store associates with 1:1 product recommendations tailored to each and every shopper.

Manage real-time transactions with our point-of-sale (POS) solution. Give personalized recommendations and conduct transactions, sales, returns, and exchanges with confidence — our resilient POS solution keeps running, even in the event of a lost connection. And it’s seamlessly upgraded multiple times a year, delivering a steady stream of innovation without disrupting your regular operations.

Inventory Management
Make sure your stores are always in stock using distributed order management capabilities. Optimize your inventory and order processing by giving retailers a shared view of orders, customers, inventory, and products across both physical and digital channels.

Trust and loyalty across a lifetime of consumer moments

From shopping to supply chain to customer service – whether in-store or online – Truvant’s unified commerce solutions deliver a truly personalized, integrated experience. Call (785) 856-1080 to schedule a consultation with Truvant to learn more.

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