Cheat Sheet for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) is an enterprise-class set of e-commerce tools with powerful and broad capabilities.  The purchasing process for this platform can be confusing in terms of what is available via a standard license versus what features require initiating activation or paying an up-charge. If you are responsible for analyzing e-commerce software capabilities and comparing features against your business requirements, this little cheat sheet is just for you.

The following is a condensed outline of all features included in the Salesforce cloud suite for Commerce. Feel free to contact us if your require clarification or would like to schedule a demonstration of the Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud consists of the following four (4) modules:

Commerce Cloud “Digital”

Launch and manage visually appealing, responsive e-commerce sites for desktop and mobile. Flexibly create multiple online storefronts all with integrated shopping cart and checkout functionalities.

The Digital subscription includes the following five (5) feature categories: Storefront, Merchandising and Marketing, Digital Experience Management, Multi-site Management and Localization, and Digital Commerce Extensions.

1.0  Storefront

Build and launch multiple sites quickly and easily using native responsive design for use on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Includes multilingual, multi-currency logic. Saved Carts feature, personalized user flows and Apple Pay for the web is included. Pre-built integrations to extend site functionality across Salesforce platform plus open APIs to connect third-party data or applications (shopper reviews, etc) are included.

2.0  Merchandising and Marketing

Product, pricing, and catalog management. Merchandising and promotion management. Site search and guided navigation. AI-powered personalization.

3.0  Experience Management

Content management. Responsive design. Native targeting to deliver relevant offers to specific customer segments based on customer behavior, traffic channel, and location. A/B testing. SEO to optimize sites, products, categories, metadata, URLs, and images.

4.0  Multi-site Management and Localization

Design geo-specific sites that encompass different customs, cultures, currencies, and languages. Publish content, offers, and products by language, country, region, state, or city. Uses multilingual, multi-currency logic. Available in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Italian.

5.0  Digital Commerce Extensions

APIs to connect with third-party applications like customer reviews. Social media extensions, to extend commerce into social channels and online communities, such as Instagram and Facebook.

In-store “Endless Aisle” and clienteling to help in-store shoppers find the item they need, even if it’s not available at that specific store location.  Endless Aisle can help you service international shoppers and provide a simple, tablet-based view into the entire product catalog. Made possible by Stateless Shop APIs on the back end.

Commerce Cloud “Store”

Connects digital and in-store commerce. Manage cross-channel promotions.  Access to a single, connected view of customers, products, prices, orders. Includes both standard point-of-sale and mobile point-of-sale (POS) functionality, along with in-store operations. Sell right there on the floor—no cash register required. Look up product inventory information without leaving the customer. Gives sales associates on the floor, and store managers, the information and mobility necessary to provide shoppers with a new in-store experience.

The Store subscription includes the following three (3) feature categories: Store POS, Mobile POS and Store Operations.

1.0  Store POS

Transaction processing, sales, returns, and exchanges. Resilient POS, a dependable fail-over system that jumps into action if there’s a network outage or a hiccup with a retailer’s Internet connection.

2.0  Mobile POS

Functionality of traditional POS, with this cool addition: It enables sales associates to roam the store with tablets or other handheld devices and freely engage with customers.  Scan items, complete transactions, look up inventory, and tap the insights of Einstein Product Recommendations.

3.0  Store Operations

Inventory control, cash management, and shipment receiving. Access store performance instantly through real-time dashboards.

Commerce Cloud “Einstein”

Part of the broader Salesforce Einstein vision, artificial intelligence is woven throughout the fabric of Commerce Cloud and delivers: Task automation, Unique recommendations, and Predictions for each shopper. Encourages more purchases and maximize a retailer’s revenue by increasing average order value (AOV).

The Commerce Cloud Einstein subscription includes the following three (3) feature categories:  Product Recommendations, Predictive Sort and Commerce Insights.

1.0  Product Recommendations

Brands can automatically highlight products. Unique to each individual and can be featured on web, mobile, or offered in person by sales associates in brick-and-mortar stores. Uses machine learning to make recommendations that personalize a consumer’s shopping experience. Suggests the most relevant products throughout a consumer’s shopping journey. Calls attention to their interests, based on the items they themselves have shown interest in. Works with both anonymous or known customers

*** Available for both Digital and Store (included free; activated by client request)

2.0  Predictive Sort

The order of products shown, search results displayed or category pages presented can be automatically personalized for an individual shopper whether the shopper is known or anonymous. Very useful for maximizing limited space on small displays.  Proven to increases conversion rates for mobile commerce.

3.0  Commerce Insights

Shopping-basket analysis in a dashboard within Commerce Cloud Digital. Uses browse and purchase history from Digital. Dashboard has two fundamental views.

  1. Pick a product and see the items most commonly purchased with it.
  2. Pick a product and see more insights, like product-specific sales and top co-purchase categories

** Commerce Insights is only included in the Digital subscription.  No system integrations required to access and analyze data.

Commerce Cloud Order Management

Full visibility into orders and inventory data.  All-inclusive view of customers, orders, returns and exchanges, inventory, products, and promotions across physical and digital channels. Manage cross-channel transaction: purchase online and pick up in-store; or, return item in-store that was purchased online, aka “purchase anywhere, fulfill from anywhere.”

*** Add-on (up-charge) to either Digital or Store

*** Shares order data in real time with Digital and Store

The Commerce Cloud Order Management subscription includes the following five (5) feature categories: Enterprise Inventory, Distributed Order Management, Store Fulfillment, Customer Service, and Complete Order Data.

1.0  Enterprise Inventory

All selling and service channels have an accurate representation of sellable inventory no matter where it sits. Makes more units of inventory available to shoppers. Prevents over sells.

2.0  Distributed Order Management

Manages the entire order life cycle. Orders and returns from multiple selling channels:  online, mobile, in-store. Process invoices, payments, and sales tax. Set “allocation rules” for cost-effective and efficient fulfillment of back orders, pre-orders, split orders, and drop-ship orders.

3.0  Store Fulfillment

Let store associates quickly and easily handle fulfillment requests. Enables retailers to have products at the ready for a customer who wants to pick items up in-store.

4.0  Customer Service

Enable universal order intervention. From any channel (phone, web, store, even customer self-serve) service reps have a complete view of shoppers, the product catalog, inventory, orders and adjust prices.

Service agents can:

  • Search for orders
  • Create orders on shopper’s behalf, including:
    • Adjust prices on individual items, shipping cost, or entire orders
    • Enter coupon code to apply to a new order
    • Specify shipping and billing address
    • Search for products and refine the quantity in an order
  • Search for customers
  • Create customers
  • Create an order for a customer
  • View and modify customer data

5.0  Complete Order Data

Access to order information at all stages of the process. Where and how the order was generated to where and how it is being delivered.