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Project Description

Healthcare provider growth strategy

midwesthealth-220x143Maintaining a connection with extended family through the care cycle of a loved one is essential. Truvant identified a challenge when, as Midwest Health patient care needs increased, some families were transitioning providers. Using data science, we quantified the impact of attrition on the Midwest Health bottom line, isolated where the customer leakage was occurring, and devised a successful strategy to increase the retention rate of residents within the Midwest Health continuum of care.

The Truvant Solution

Midwest Health engaged Truvant to consolidate systems and processes for sales and marketing while improving retention during resident transition from assisted living to skilled nursing. We aligned their customer experience, sales, and marketing efforts for all 52 locations across four states – in less than one year.

Using predictive analytics, a new Salesforce CRM system and an integrated sales and marketing methodology, Midwest Health now can identify:

  • The next service that each patient will likely need
  • Provider referral activity
  • Behavioral triggers for families who are more likely to switch providers
  • Processes to influence key buying decisions at the right time
  • Metrics and reporting that improves sales and marketing campaign efficiency


With a better understanding of their customer data and systems in place to interpret and respond to the information, Midwest Health underwent a complete transformation.  Change management at this level needed to be moderated so adoption would be established.  A powerful tool is only as effective as the users. With varying degrees of technical understanding in employees, automating key functions was critical. Our approach included work flow customization and extensive training to ensure healthcare staff had the skills necessary to access the full power of the Salesforce platform.

The Results

Midwest Health now has a single view of all sales and marketing at 52 facilities and can effectively measure growth and manage patient census across all three lines of business using the Salesforce platform. External physician referrals from hospitals and internal referrals across lines of business can now be attributed to their correct source.  Patient retention from assisted living to skilled nursing facilities is on the rise. Acquisition rates for prospective new residents has shown a year-over-year increase and is steadily increasing.

Through the innovative use of data, business processes and Salesforce automation, Midwest Health is well on the way to deepening meaningful engagements with patients and families that will last a lifetime.

Truvant can help your healthcare organization:

  • Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time
  • Increase inbound referrals from providers and practitioners
  • Reduce patient attrition during transition of services
  • Improve marketing engagement efficiency
  • Increase patient satisfaction

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Project Details

  • Client Midwest Health, Inc.
  • Date June 21, 2016
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