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Be the provider of choice with digital healthcare

Give your team the right information at the right time to create a meaningful patient experience at every touch using healthcare CRM by Salesforce. Our holistic blend of data science, management consulting and information systems is designed with one goal in mind: foster patient trust across a lifetime of healthcare moments.

Receive rave reviews

Truvant offers innovative healthcare CRM for providers, payers, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies:

  • Improve patient satisfaction scoring
  • Increase efficiency of physician referral management and patient scheduling
  • Strengthen population health by offering essential services
  • Engage internal workforce via occupational communities
  • Grow Endowment and Foundation donations

Why healthcare CRM matters

  • Reduce re-hospitalization
  • Increase patient satisfaction and trust
  • Capture unrealized revenue
  • Grow capital funding and community support

Provide patients with a healthy dose of personalized engagement. Focus on patient relationships, not records. With the new Salesforce Health Cloud, providers can put the patient at the center of every decision and deliver personalized interactions with every member of the care team. So patients become active partners in creating healthier outcomes.

Deliver targeted health plan choices and better service. Competition among healthcare payers is tighter than ever. Salesforce gives your plan the advantage with a 360-degree view of every client. And whether it’s finding a doctor or staying up to date on billing, you can engage 1-to-1 on every step of their journey to optimal care.

Medical Devices
Drive cutting-edge medical innovation with CRM. With game-changing technologies such as connected products and mobile health apps, medical device companies must stay agile to stay ahead. With Salesforce, companies can create richer, deeper experiences that engage patients, physicians, and partners in entirely new ways — and help save more lives.

Write a new prescription for personalized treatments. Pharmaceutical companies used to sell treatments only to doctors and hospitals. Today, both patients and physicians expect easy access to in-depth drug information, across any device. Salesforce empowers your sales team to sell more effectively and deliver better care, with customized content and responsive support for every patient.

How we work

  • Profile and segment patient data to personalize the customer experience
  • Design strategy to boost healthcare service levels and patient satisfaction
  • Implement information systems to connect people and processes
  • Enhance communication between patient and provider
  • Develop processes and train personnel so systems are utilized and outcomes are measurable

Foster patient trust across a lifetime of healthcare moments.  Call (785) 856-1080 to schedule a consultation with Truvant.

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