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Why It Matters

Truvant / Why It Matters

Profit and Customer Loyalty matter to your business

At the other end of a phone call, email, advertisement or web request is a real person. Far too often, companies overlook the customer as actual people and reduce them to simple monetary value on a balance sheet. When a company under-funds their digital engagement strategy and an ineffective customers experience portrays a cold, indifferent attitude, customer loyalty and subsequent repeat business is impacted. Yes, frugality is wise and profit is good, but not at the short-term expense of a long-term customer. The immutable correlation between customer lifetime value and customer experience is not to be ignored.

Customer loyalty impacts profit

The consumer-driven economy is here. Transparency and customer access are no longer just good business practices; they are increasingly mandated.  Truvant stands at the intersection of sales, marketing and information technology. Our holistic approach to data science, management consulting and information systems allows our clients to improve customer loyalty that helps you:

  1. Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers
  2. Proactively identify customers demonstrating signs of leaving you
  3. Capture previously unrealized revenue
  4. Increase overall wallet share through increased average order value (AOV)
  5. Grow the average lifetime value of your active customer base.

Double bottom-line

Our clients measure success in two ways:

  1. Increased profits
  2. Improved customer loyalty and satisfaction.

So, who can you trust to find the TRUTH in your data and deliver a competitive ADVANTAGE through CRM and a meaningful customer experience?  TRUVANT.

Contact us to maximize your CRM investment.  Or, call (785) 856-1080 to schedule a consultation with Truvant.

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