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In our role as a consulting firm, we conduct a significant amount of market research on the CRM and Customer Experience (CX) industry.

We are currently engaged in the following research projects:

Virtual Wholesaling in Financial Services
Explore the impacts of the emerging e-wholesaling model in the retirement investment marketplace.  This is a competitive analysis of financial services product manufactures and their adoption -or lack thereof –  of new strategies to increase distribution and market share while lowering the overall cost of sales.

Artificial Intelligence in Unified Commerce for Retailers
Retailers are hungry for unified commerce – and the technology that can support it.  With so many aspects of an omnichannel strategy (digital, mobile, in-store, social), how is machine learning closing the gap between sales, inventory, and supply chain data to take us beyond the transaction into a “personalized shopper experience?”

For those who participate in our qualitative or quantitative data collection efforts, please note, your answers, if they are included in our report, will be anonymous and will not reference you or your company individually without your written authorization.

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