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Deliver a seamless e-commerce shopping experience

Whether online or in-store, Truvant’s e-commerce solutions unify the retail shopping experience using innovative technology across desktop, mobile, social, and point-of-sale. Investing in e-commerce platform innovation is no longer a ‘nice to have.’ Forrester notes, “Legacy commerce technology is becoming outdated and ineffective.  New capabilities to speed up time-to-market (TTM) and support analytics, experience management, and omni-channel integration will give market leaders the edge they need.”

Mobile commerce trends forecast domination

According to the latest Salesforce Shopping Index, mobile has blown past a tipping point in terms of traffic to retail sites, at 57%. In the same time, 59% of shoppers report having used their mobile phone in a physical store in the last three months. Taken together, this solidifies that mobile has evolved into a mission-critical channel in your digital engagement strategy.

Predictive digital commerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivers the personalization that e-commerce retailers have been pursuing for decades. Instead of spending hours guessing how to tailor content to select demographic groups, AI helps you harness the power of each and every customer click and intuitively develop compelling merchandising and promotions that dramatically increase conversion at every touch point.  And when you consider the back-end opportunities like business intelligence and automation of tasks (fulfillment, returns, inventory optimization, etc), the value proposition for AI in digital retailing is very appealing.

“AI for e-commerce has steadily realized increases in revenue between 7% and 16% per site visitor with an 11% overall increase in average order value (AOV).”


From desktop to mobile, Truvant’s e-commerce solutions deliver a truly personalized, unified experience. Call (785) 856-1080 to schedule a consultation with Truvant.

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