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What We Do

Truvant / What We Do

Put a face to your customer data

Truvant provides your team the right information at the right time to create a meaningful customer experience at every opportunity. Our solutions integrate your customer data with enhanced people processes and cutting-edge CRM technology.

How Truvant works:

  • Profile and segment customer data to personalize the consumer experience
  • Design organizational strategy to boost service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Implement CRM information technology to connect data, people and processes across the enterprise
  • Optimize communication between customer and service provider
  • Train personnel so systems are utilized and outcomes are measurable

Use the truth to your advantage

Prevent bias from corrupting important decisions. Break down those data silos. Align sales, service and marketing across a unified organization.

Truvant helps you interpret your data so you can make educated choices about who to target with marketing and how to invest time and resources for optimal ROI.  We help you know beyond a doubt what your customers care about most so you can improve on acquisition, retention and cross-selling opportunities.

So, who can you trust to find the TRUTH in your data and deliver a competitive ADVANTAGE through CRM and a meaningful customer experience?  TRUVANT.

Contact us to empirically define your customer and maximize your CRM investment.  Or, call (800) 218-2231 to schedule a consultation with Truvant.

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