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Who We Are

Truvant / Who We Are

We are Truvant … and we are CRM consulting!

Truvant is a fully integrated consulting firm blending data science, business strategy and information technology. Our domain is all things sales, marketing and customer service powered by a CRM system. We work to improve our client’s ability to diagnose problems, gather and analyze data, develop strategy, implement IT solutions and manage change.

We specialize in financial services, healthcare and unified commerce for retail because they are industries that require our detailed expertise in business process for data compliance and managing the security of customer privacy.

The Truvant Way

To understand our solutions, you must first understand our ethos:

  • Primum, non nocere, or “First, do no harm.” Always leave the client in a better place.
  • Validate strategy and people processes first; then, enable using information technology.
  • Teach kaizen, a practice of continuous process improvement and the foundation of an organization’s long-term competitive strategy.
  • Champion the organizational methodology of sales and marketing alignment and the integrated marketing communications model.
  • Facilitate collaboration and open communication up and down the decision-making hierarchy.
  • Embrace the philosophy that “strong opinions should be weakly held” in order to avoid confirmation bias.
  • Utilize “constructive confrontation” to challenge strategic gaps and raise awareness of internal obstacles and barriers.
  • Provide engagement transparency to mitigate the fear of change.
  • Role model “operational excellence” in everything worth doing.

So, who can you trust to find the TRUTH in your data and deliver a competitive ADVANTAGE through CRM and a meaningful customer experience?  TRUVANT.

Contact us to maximize your CRM investment.  Or, call (800) 218-2231 to schedule a consultation with Truvant.

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